Solar Thermal Technology- the Solar Absorber

The use of solar thermal energy is being popularized all over the thermal world simply because it’s a great way to utilize free energy. Even though it is free, comes with no environmental hazards and in general is considered optimum, no one can deny the fact that solar thermal technology lacks in the area of efficient utilization of solar energy and extensive user testing is still required through The energy coming from sun was never fully utilized until now, as when a team of MIT and Masdar Institute researchers invented a device that can effectively change solar energy into heat.


The solar absorber is an efficient utilizing device in the sense that it has the ability to convert solar energy into heat in a much larger quantity as before and also with very low costs. The conversion of solar energy into heat is a fundamental principle of solar thermal technology and with the introduction of the solar absorber a lot of things might change. According to TieJun Zhang an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at MIT this might very well be the breakthrough solar thermal technology needed. He states, “Our research team has developed a simple and cost-effective fabrication technique to create solar absorbers that can harness a greater share of the solar spectrum, thus increasing their efficiencies, while also maintaining low emission levels,” The intent of the Masdar Institute researchers is commendable in the realm of solar thermal energy because the sun acting as a free source of energy needed to be utilized more efficiently. Furthermore, professor Zhang claiming that their technology also has the ability to maintain low emission levels along with generating a greater share of the solar spectrum is of course a breakthrough in solar thermal technology.

Looking at the solar absorber we see that tiny holes with a diameter of less than 400 nanometer as present on its surface. The solar absorbing devices before this invention had a diameter of more than 170 nanometers, which means that researchers from NASA, MIT, Masdar, and collaborations tech firm have essentially invented a way to absorb much more energy and hence making the heat conversion process more effective. Interesting fact about the solar absorber is that can absorb 90% of all the wavelengths that reach the surface of earth, this has never happened before. Although solar absorbers who can absorb around 90% have been made before but the problem with previous solar absorbers was that they produced high level emissions or radiations.

So, the criterion of a good solar absorber isn’t just its absorbing ability, it also needs to be efficient in maintaining low levels of emissions. This is exactly what the invention does and the collaboration of MIT and Masdar further plans to make it a device that can be used for a good cause.


Just what do head lice actually look like?


I’m suddenly itchy all over

Human lice are tiny, wingless bugs, regarding 1 – 5mm lengthy (regarding the dimension of a sesame seed) and also are either light gray or dark brownish in look (depending on what does it cost? blood has been consumed). The eggs are dark brown and could be discovered close to the scalp. Dead eggs are white.

Head lice have six jointed legs that finish in little claws which enable them to removal via the hair quickly and conveniently. Most notably this allows them to hold on to the hair to stop them being removed.

Care must be taken to eliminate all eggs as no-one desires nits in their hair, dead or active.

Exactly what causes head lice?

Going lice do not prey on anything but human blood and also do not infect pet dogs or other pets.

While head lice are incredibly well adjusted to relocating with the hair of their host, they could not leap neither creep extremely far.

. Head lice impact people from all walks of life and also all socio-economic courses. In contrast to popular idea head lice actually, prefer clean hair as greasy hair is challenging for lice to attach their eggs to. Normal cleaning will not stop or deter head lice.

Head lice are usually spread by head to head call or via sharing brushes, combs, pillows and also head wear and so on. There is likewise an opportunity of getting a roaming hair that has fallen out with a nit attached from headrests as well as backpacks and so on

Where do head lice come from?

Since lice are a human bloodsucker as well as have possibly been around because time started. They can just endure on people as well as so as a result do not stay in the ground or on animals. Head lice are not fussy where they live as long as it is tidy so they can attach their eggs, and also simply take a trip from host to host.

How do I recognize if I have Head Lice?

Lice are usually found at the nape of the neck or behind the ears so check below first to identify whether there is a visibility of live lice.

The head louse feeds by biting into the scalp as well as after that inserting its proboscis into a blood vessel in addition to saliva to stop the blood from clotting (just like an insect). It is this saliva that causes the irritation that causes the itching.

So I should wash everything in warm water as well as free my residence of lice and also eggs?

Do not be encouraged to use chemical bombs that unnecessarily expose your family members to unsafe chemicals. Vacuuming as well as cleaning surfaces with hot soapy water is all that is needed.

Grownups, as well as kids, are just able to survive for 2-3 times off the host in optimal problems. Under typical circumstances nonetheless this is most likely to be measured in hrs as opposed to days as the adult louse is very vulnerable to dehydration as well as will rapidly deprive.

Eggs can endure far from the head for as much as seven days, however, will certainly not hatch out without the warmth of a human host. With this in mind, it is rather noticeable that compulsively cleaning up is not needed in preference to eliminating all the adult lice as well as eggs. It is more effective to take preventative actions to guarantee they don’t return to the head.

What are the life process and incubation durations of head lice?

The initial stage of the life of a head louse is the egg, which the grown-up affixes to the hair with nit glue close to the scalp for warmth. This adhesive is really strong and also makes hands-on elimination very difficult.

In 5-9 days the egg hatches right into the nymphal stage which is the onset of the adult louse. The term ‘nit’ refers to the empty shell left behind once the egg has actually hatched out. The fairy immediately looks for an ideal area to feed. Over the next 7-10 days he nymphs will certainly drop their exoskeleton in three separate metamorphoses before they grow right into grown-up lice.

When mated, the grown-up women louse could after that lays around 3-4 eggs a day until completion of her grown-up life (around 30 days).

Can head lice be drowned in water?

Going lice are well adjusted to moving via the hair as well as have hooks that they utilize to lock on for dear life. In the water, they are exactly the same other than they also shut their breathing holes, which they can do for half an hr. To drown head lice, you would certainly immerse your head in water for up to 8 hrs.

You have as much possibility of capturing lice in water as you carry out in other atmosphere where the hair could drop out with the nit attached.

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