What can you do to avoid video gaming addiction?

Being addicted to video games can be dangerous to your health and social life. Nowadays, most games are advanced and more realistic, that is why more and more people, especially young people, spend more time on playing these games. Some of these games have violence themes which are bad, especially for young minds.

If a child is being addicted to video games, there is a higher chance that his mental health, creativity and social development will be blocked. Aside from that, violent video games can result in a child being more aggressive. If this continues, the child can feel being isolated and lonely.
It’s very hard to combat video games addiction, especially if the child has been playing for a long time. However, there are steps that parents can take to prevent or help their child from being a video games addict.

Here are some other activities you can introduce to your child that they can enjoy.

Make them go outside and be active.

A lot of parents nowadays fear of letting their child go outside and lay around with their friends. On average, more children spend less than ten minutes outside compare to spending almost ten hours in front of a screen. If you incorporate your children to play outside, it can give them a lot of benefits.
Being outdoors means they can run, jump, play catch, pull things, carry objects and a lot more. By doing these physical activities, they’ll be able to improve their motor skills. When children are being active, they burn more calories which help them avoid obesity and strengthen their muscles and bones. Aside from health benefits, children who play outside with other children learn to develop their behavioural skills such as sharing and taking turns. They’ll also develop their communication skills, cooperation and interaction.

Overall, having your child to go outside and explore will help them have a strong immune system, and they’ll be more happy kids.

Let them take care of pets.

I order to limit the screen time of your children, give them other tasks. Pets are a great way of teaching them about responsibilities. Almost all children love to have pets but taking care of pets can be quite challenging for them. So to make the task of caring for pets easy, make sure that the pet is age-appropriate. Pick a pet that is suitable for your child’s age.

Make your child familiar with the pet-related routine such as feeding, walking it and cleaning after the pet. You can give one of these tasks to your child and explain to them that it’s going to be their responsibility now. However, make sure that your child can actually do this task without harming himself and the pet. For children below four years old, taking care of a pet would be too much for them since they are also learning the basics. So it would be better if you do the tasks with them and just show them how’s it’s done.

Having a pet will teach your child to be more responsible and to be empathetic to the needs of others. By nature, kids only think of their own needs. Taking care of a pet will have a tremendously positive effect on their personality. Ask your child to play with your pet to incorporate fun. You can find toys for pets from London online shopping site for your child and pet’s playtime.

Take your child on hikes or walks.

If you see that your child is playing video games and that’s all they are doing, then ask them to leave the house with you and see what’s around you. You can simply go to a nearby café or walk around the neighbourhood. If you have more time, go down walking on trails and let them see the wonder of nature.

Taking children for a hike will help them develop a love for nature and the outdoors. It’s also a great bonding time for you and your kids. It’s a great way to keep their minds off from playing video games. Hiking is also a fantastic way to keep your child active without pushing exercise. The kids have the most to gain from all the benefits that you can get from hiking.


Social problems related to gaming?

It has been a growing concern about people who spend too much on computer games, whether it’s online or offline and seems to be obsessed with their games. Some features of the games make for compelling entertainment and an enjoyable pastime if you have nothing to do. However, there are just too many games that can be harmful. Also, nowadays, the amount of time people spend on computer games is increasing and because of this, there are too many risks involved.

Here are some problems that people are having from playing too much computer games.

Health problems

  • Spending too much time playing games on computers can give you shoulder pain. Too much time means playing for more than three hours a day. This is caused by sitting in a hunched position that leads to poor posture.
  • Playing computer games can give you carpal tunnel. Playing computer games involve fast and repeated movements of the hand and wrist. This is how a carpal tunnel syndrome is developed.
  • It can cause tendonitis. Gamers often overused their hands and wrist, which often developed to tendonitis. This is a painful inflammation of the thick tissue that connects your bone to your muscle.
  • Computer games often damage your eye vision. Because of the long hours facing the computer, digital eye strain is developed. If you are suffering this effect for the long term, you’ll likely reduce your visual abilities such as blurred distance vision.
  • Computer games can harm your hearing too. Playing computer games mostly involved loud sounds. Because of this, there is a possibility that the spiral shaped bone in the inner ear (cochlea) will get damage. This plays a vital role when it comes to hearing. It looks like a tine snail which is responsible for picking up impulses and sending them to the brain. The brain then interprets these as frequencies of sounds. If these get damaged, you’ll likely have hearing loss.

Poor performance in school

Almost all students, in all levels of study, are fond of video games. It’s one of the enjoyable activity regardless if the student is playing alone or with a group. Too much time spent on playing computer games could inevitably affect the performance of one child in school. It can reduce the chances of a child in achieving success in his studies. This is because playing video games often results in poor sleeping habits. As a result, they’ll attend classes feeling tired. They won’t be able to concentrate and possibly, won’t be able to understand their lesson. Video games take away time from students that they should be spending doing school works or to prepare for their lesson. Another effect of playing too much game is not being able to do assignments and pass projects on time.

Lastly, students who become addicted to video games often cut their class to play their game. This eventually results in having poor grades because of not being able to attend their classes.

Psychological effects

There are lots of studies conducted and a large body of evidence that computer games, especially those violent ones, contribute to aggression and violence of a gamer. People, especially children, who often play violent video games, are likely to develop aggressive thoughts and violent actions.  If they always play it, they’ll be immune to it. Then they’ll be more incline to act in a violent way and lose their empathy. Also, exposure to violent computer games is associated with emotional callousness. 

Violent video games are harmful because they are interactive and promote role-playing. Experts said that these might serve as virtual practice for actual violence. These can influence the behaviour of the player. This will result in a person being less affected by violence, and there is a higher chance that they’ll commit the violence themselves.